What Are The Benefits of Buying Under Construction Property or Apartment?


When you have decided to change your existing home, the very next question arises. That is whether to go for an under-construction home or already built property? Buying a home is both an exciting and a tedious thing to do. As a buyer, you must be conscious about every minute detail that goes into buying your own place. When buying a home you must consider its design, the architecture, number of rooms, the surrounding place, and also the neighborhood you want to live in.

The joy of buying a ready-possession home and moving into it within a week/month is truly an experience like no other. It feels as if your life suddenly changes in that one moment. However, the benefits of buying under-construction property shouldn’t be ignored either.

If you have money to invest, real estate is normally the best option to invest your money in. However, a major dilemma is that whether to invest in a ready-to-move-in property, or, an under-construction one. Since it’s a common discussion in the real-estate world let’s take a look at the benefits of Buying Under Construction Property or Apartment :

Government laws:

It is mandatory for any under-construction properties to obey the rules provided by RERA: The Real Estate Regulatory Authority introduced in 2017. This makes properties liable for end users.

Profitable Investment:

In an under-constructed property, the buyer has the choice of selling the property closer to the date of possession. Due to the time gap between buying and delivering the space, there is a good chance of earning a profitable return on the capital investment.

Flexible Payment Terms:

Buyers have the advantage of paying the total cost of property in installments after an initial down-payment. This can be paid either through EMIs if the properties are financed by banks, or as per construction plans.

Attractive offers

When compared to ready-to-move-in properties under construction properties comes with heavy discounts. The ready-to-move-in properties are completely built houses, and the buyer needs to pay the entire cost as per the real estate market. However, if the homebuyer is going for an under-construction project, there are attractive discounts and concessions on offer.

While a good amount of research and patience goes into the effort of finding a property suitable to your liking, it is undebatable that property under construction will comprise of offers that a ready-to-move-in property can never get in the long run.

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