Virtual house hunting on the rise during COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live and work. Due to this pandemic, almost everyone has to rely on virtual house hunting, which is an initial step in the home-buying journey. The real estate industry today has adopted digital solutions that aid buying and selling of properties. Today’s technology has made it possible for all the people to hunt for homes virtually while sitting at home. Virtual hunting enables prospective buyers to visit properties online in a short span of time, without having to step out of their homes.

Benefits of virtual house hunting

Buying a home has always been a physical process, but the COVID-19 pandemic has restrained buyers from visiting properties. To overcome this issue, developers have intensified the use of virtual technologies, to show the real etate properties. Through this the buyers are ables to see and feel the actual image of the home. And can be shown to the enitre family at once and at one place. These tools expand the reach of a project, from within local markets to out-of-town and even international buyers.
Apart from offering views of the project, online platforms and websites also allow home buyers to access information about the project, the building, the apartment, and the floor plan.

Virtual house hunting during a pandemic: Points to keep in mind

  1. The first thing to do while hunting for your dream home is to make a list of features that are a must-have in the house and set a budget for the same.
  2. Figure out the number of rooms that you want in your new home and the type of neighborhood you prefer.
  3. Sit and decide the requirements of all family members in terms of space, price, type, location, developer, etc. As well as the project’s proximity to schools, offices, stations or bus stands, etc.

Challenges in virtual house hunting

  1. It is difficult to understand the natural light or ventilation in the house.
  2. If it is a resale apartment or a furnished house, one cannot check the quality of furniture and fixtures online.
  3. The entire transaction cannot be completed online, as one still needs to visit the site and interact with the sales and customer service teams or the seller.

Dos and don’ts of virtual house hunting

  1. Always try to get a live virtual tour, rather than a pre-recorded version. Check the bathrooms, kitchen, floorings, and walls for cracks, leakages, and for traffic noise, if the house is road facing. etc.
  2. Rely on reputed property websites like Anshul Group a Top real estate agents in Pune.
  3. Consider a virtual tour as an initial step of home-buying but take the final decision only after physical inspection of the property.
  4. Check the legal documents of the property.
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