Turn the Corona Crisis into an Opportunity in Real Estate

property buying during corona crisis

Real estate which is an attractive possession, will definitely give a sense of protection for any buyer. The importance of owning a home has restored a significant attraction in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. Owning real estate has seen a significant asset in one’s investment portfolio, in addition to reducing the risks that come with living in a rented house.

Following the lockdown that was lifted after more than two months, the questions arise, is this the right time? is it wise to buy property this year? and response is yes! Real estate will remain an attractive possession and with prices at a standstill, now is a great time for buyers to invest in it and revive the great Indian economy. We are one of the top real estate agents in Pune who can help you find the right property.

Is this the right time to buy?

You have to be clear, whether you are buying home for self-use or as an investment. For those who are planning to buy a self-use home, the opportunity could show up in the next few months. The lockdown has slowed the process down, so you may need to act right away. Below we explain you the reasons as why this may be a good time to buy one’s home:

Home loan interest rates at record low

Home loan interest rates are reduced by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), which is a chance for aspiring homebuyers to buy homes at  record-low rates

Property available at reasonable prices

Another good reason to buy home in current times is the availability of housing units at reasonable prices. Prices are as low as per your expectations and developers are willing to negotiate further. You can buy ready-to-move-in property at lower prices.

Better Deals

The kinds of offers and realty deals which homebuyers are getting now are usually seen only during the brief festive period. It is true that in the present scenario, owing to distress across almost all sectors of economy and impending uncertainty of ‘what lies ahead’, buying decisions of all non-essentials, especially for salaried middle class, will be deferred. This surely affects demand for residential assets, especially in the affordable & mid segments, where affordability is seriously on tight lines.

There is also a chance that many repossessed properties may enter the market in the next few months. Taking the assistance of top real estate agents in Pune will help you to understand this better.

Property as an investment

A lot of people may be looking to invest in real estate, than the stock market section considering the volatile stock market. Investing in commercial property where the rental yield is greater than that of a residential property could also be a better idea to get more benefit out of it. You can consult AnshulGroup one of the best real estate agents in Pune to know more.

Considering today’s market with competition drying up nowdays and house prices predicted to fall from 10 per cent to 30 percent anywhere, now is a great time to buy. Buyers may have more bargaining power and more options, but be careful while buying a property. Don’t miss out this opportunity and we are here to fulfill your dream of purchasing a real estate property in Pune.

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