Things to look for when buying a flat in post-COVID era

Investing in a real estate or buying a new home is never an easy decision for many. Considering the fact that home is an investment of lifetime, there are many aspects which matter when making a purchase. And above all this the COVID pandemic has changed the world of real estate. It has deeply impacted the way people view their homes, or as an investment in real estate. As vaccinations roll out, and cures seem closer than before, the world finally seems to clinging on to ropes of hope.
It is safe to say that the pandemic has swayed the way real estate is bought, without dips in numbers. As drastic and unpredicted changes become the new normal, we are chalking down 5 things a home buyer would have in mind when looking to buy a flat in the post-COVID era.

1. Location still factors in

Location is still an important factor to keep in mind when investing in a property. Unlike before the pandemic, there is now a larger divide between home buyers investing in cities and elsewhere. Remote working may remain an option for many, but for those it may not, it is important to carefully choose the location of their new home. Keep in mind proximity to schools, work place, health and lifestyle infrastructure in that order.

2. Homes that utilize space well

When buying a flat, make sure that the home utilizes all the available space well. Always go for smartly designed homes that have dedicated spaces for your everyday life. Before you are handed over your home, request the builder or interior designer to furnish your home to accommodate your work and recreational areas with clear boundaries.

3. Choose integrated townships

When choosing your dream home, always go with an integrated township which offers multiple amenities. Integrated township that can take your mind off work stress and offer the distraction of going out is a great option to consider. Choose homes that include amenities that promote your physical and mental well-being. A garden, gyms, swimming pool, pathways are all significant add ons to keep in mind when buying a home.

4. Choose a well-designed development

Always take a look in and around the flat to view the area carefully. The idea of space has radically evolved and undergone many changes since the onset of the pandemic. For some it could mean aesthetically decorated interiors, and for some it could mean the luxury of outdoor spaces. So take time to research the project you are looking to invest in for its space management. Outdoor amenities like gardens, swimming pools, play areas, and walking paths can help you enjoy a stress-free everyday life.

5. Opt for a reputed builder

It is very important to invest in flats from the reputed builders in the city. This makes sense if you choose to book an under-construction home because there wont be much legalities. Though the government has allowed in-situ construction to continue during lockdowns, only reputed builders can withstand the financial strain. If you go for ready-to-move-in homes, the legalities during these times of crisis are difficult to handle. So it would be safe when you are receiving your home from a real estate company that knows the ins and outs of documentation processes.
Anshul Group – are the top real estate agents in Pune, Visit us to know more about us. Though it would be recommended to postpone site visits in these situations, if you are looking to buy homes or flats, take the utmost care when stepping out. Wear a mask and always sanitize for your own safety and that of the others.

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