Secret Tips to Check the Construction Quality of House

When it comes to buying a home, you must be aware of effective ways to inspect the construction quality of a house.

With the various options available in the market you may find it quite difficult to find a house that meets high standards. Majority of the home buyers are not aware of the ways to check the quality of construction of a house. One should not make a blind purchase without verifying certain quality criteria. Poor constructed house is very risk to live if you are buying under-construction property it is advisable to visit the site periodically and conduct a thorough inspection to be on the safe road.

How To Check The Construction Quality Of Your Home

If you are planning to invest in a property or new home, we recommend you to follow this construction quality checklist:

Determine the soil type

The type of soil varies from place to place the first thing to consider while choosing a home is to check the quality of soil on which the structure is built. The strength of the home depends on the type of soil, if the soil is not stable the foundation of the building can be affected. It is recommended to get the soil test done with the help of a professional construction expert.

Check the structural design

Always consider the basic structural design of a building like the wall, beams, columns and roof which determines the stability and strength of a building. The design should be in such a way that it should ensure you the maximum safety and rigidity to the structure. Also make sure that whatever area can withstand earthquake of certain magnitude and other common natural calamities.

Inspect the wall thickness

The thickness or width of the walls should match with the measurements specified by the constructor. Visit the site and inspect the walls physically to avoid any further problems.

You can also check the quality by pressing against the wall or trying to insert a sharp object such as a key.  There are various ways you can check the quality of wall, you can tap against the wall using your knuckles to see if it is solid or hollow inside, can use the key to press against wall to check the solidity of the wall. If the wall develops any cracks easily or seems to be fragile then it means that the builder has not complied with good quality standards. 

Check the plastering quality

While doin inspection of a home, you must check if there are any cracks on a wall plastering. If you are buying a age old property make sure there are no cracks in the corners or lower portion of the walls which may be hidden under a coat of paint. The wall cracks are indication of poor quality plastering or water leakage. Choose the property from a trusted real estate agent to avoid any future loss.

Quality check of fitting & fixtures 

Often minute details are left while inspecting the construction quality of a home. Fitting and fixtures of a new home determine the level of comfort of the residents. check if all switches and electric accessories used are of good quality and ensure smooth functioning. Also check if the kitchen and bathroom fittings such as taps, shower-heads, washbasin, drainage pipes, etc are in good condition.

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