Questions You Should Ask When Buying A Flat

buying a new home

Buying a home/flat is huge as well as the single investment you will ever make and you are likely going to blow a lot of money, all of your savings and energy searching for the perfect place/falt/home which has a long term return. Unfortunately, many buyers face a problem after booking a flat as there is no such conversation between builders and buyers regarding flat possession, lending, taxes, service maintenance, and many more. So let’s get have some investigative questions you must ask while buying a flat.

1. What includes in the maintenance charge

Maintenance charge is nothing but toll/duty which societies levy on its members and it could be either annually, monthly or half-yearly. and ask him how much maintenance charge cost. Maintenace mainly includes water, property, municipal, elevator and common electricity charges, security, and if they have some other facilities like pipeline gas system, swimming pool, gym, clubhouse, garbage cleaner so they charge a fee for this also

2. Is parking provided? If yes then which type of parking?

There are normally two types of parking first is normal parking and second is covered parking. Normal parking is like open parking for which they don’t cost any extra money because any flat member can park their vehicle whereas for covered parking they charge an extra cost because that parking is personal parking where other members can park if and only if you give permission to them.

3. Is there a water problem?

This is a very basic question but a very important question because it is a necessity of each day for each flat member so you should raise this question that for how many days the water supply is there in a week. Is there any system for storing water like rainwater harvesting if there is no water supply due to some reasons.

4. Is there a transfer fee?

As many of the users buy a house/flat for selling after there is a hike in the price of that flat but most of the societies impose a fee from the user for selling his/her flat/home which cost him a loss in money so you must ask this question if you searching for a home for such activity.

5. What is the Carpet area and Built-up area for Flat/Home/Apartment?

This is the most important question because of the builder because they charge on rate per square foot. Most of the users get confused between the built-up area and the carpet area. carpet area is something excluding the wall area. whereas the built-up area is carpet area along with wall area.

6. What is the possession date for the flat?

This is the major question to ask by the buyer to the builder. There are many examples where the project is on hold indefinitely, which brings a big loss to the customer in terms of paying EMI Lons. But, with the introduction of RERA, the builder has to handover the project on the given deadline to avoid any kind of action later.

7. Is there any network problem?

Because there are many flats which are having a wonderful location but there is an issue in network problem which might cause a problem for buyers.

9. What is the Payment Plan?

Every builder has different payment plans which are important to consider. Builders generally have tie-ups with the bank and financial institutes which offer loan at low interest. So you can opt to go with a bank loaning system or with builders financial systems.

10. Are pets allowed on flat premises?

Most of the societies allow pet but some of the societies allow only cat or dog but they don’t allow any birds or vice versa. So if you are a pet lover so you should ask this question on first priority.

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