New vs. Resale Home: Which is Better?

As you search for your dream home, you will probably have two thoughts in mind whether to buy a new
home or a resale home. While some buyers are perticular about buying a new home but few prefer a
resale unit. If you are also confused between a new and resale home, you have it the right page. In this
post we will be discussing about two types to help you make an informed decision.

Typically, new homes are the ones which are acquired directly from developers, and a resale homes are
the properties that have had a previous owner. In developed areas it is often difficult to find good
options in the prime locations. Due to the scarcity of land and the rates associated with owning a home
in prime locations is a tough task. This is where resale units come into picture. For a better idea of which
type may be more suited to your needs, let’s look at the advantages of both new and resale homes.

1. Energy Consumption/Green Building

If you care concern about green or the environment a newly constructed home is virtually always a
better option. Because new homes typically offers better air filtration which increases indoor air quality
thus reducing the symptoms of asthama or allergies.

2. Flexibility for Space and Wiring Customization

The biggest advantages of constructing a new home is that buyers have a chance to construct everything
new, and just the way they want rather than compromising and accepting a previous owners tastes. A
resale house may include old room layouts and lighting that may have made sense in the olden days.
you can participate in the decision of interior spaces according to the new trend and style. With the new
home you have an option to cusomize the space according to your needs.

3. Affordability

Affordability is what everyone considers before deciding whether to buy a resale home or new home.
There are various cares associated with resale home such as registration fee, transfer fee, stamp
charges, utility charges, etc. Also, resale home requires repair and maintenance. On the other hand, first
hand homes that are constructed in upcoming locations will cost you lesser when compared to resale

4. Financing

The procedure of buying a resale property is extremely long which includes a background check of the
seller, title check and verification of documents, registration of property in authority etc. When you
buy a new home, mostly your developer takes care of the whole process.

5. Fittings, Wiring and Flexibility of Space

When you go for a brand new home tat comes with safe fitting and fixtures that assure a hassle-free
solution for a long time whereas resale homes always have a problem of wiring and fittings. When you
buy an old home, the design part is almost fixed, it is very difficult to change the existing structure but

while buying a new home you can always guide and suggest designs to the developer when it is in its
actual constructing stage.
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