Key Checklist for Buying a Real Estate Property in Pune

Key Checklist for Buying a Real Estate Property in Pune

Buying a new property is not only a dream but it is also an investment for life-long. Real estate in Pune has filled with the aspirations of many home buyers. The demand comes from across the city and all over the country, as this city has beautifully blossomed into a hotspot for economic, social and cultural growth in the past few years. Well planned flats, penthouses, villas and row houses have become the main attractions to invest in.

While buying a dream house, it is obvious that you don’t want to invest in a property which can cause problem or risk in future. We at Anshul Group can guide you in this journey of things to consider before buying a house in Pune. Explore all the ready possession flats in Pune to choose your dream home from the list. Here’s a list of property documents checklist before buying property:

1. Identity of the seller:

Identifying a seller is as important as verifying the title of the property. Make sure that the seller has all the authorized documents to prove the identity of the property, his residential status, Nationality as well. Land investment is a crucial investment that you should think twice before you trust any person. Just make sure that all the documents are in place.

2. Property Documents: 

           Title Deed: This document is a proof that the builder owns the property legally and he is allowed to sell it. Check the original documents and not a copy.

            Purchase Agreement: Make sure all the agreement is done on paper, builder may verbally make many promises but you should not trust them.

            Land Use Permissions:  Ask them the land you are buying is designed for which category, because all the land in the country is categorized into specific use like residential zones, industrial zones etc. If the land is not being used in accordance with the laws, construction of the building can be held back.

3. Check for Hidden Costs:

 When buying, don’t just look at the base price consider other costs also, like registration charges, maintenance deposit, brokerage and even parking space charges. All these together make up the actual cost of your home.

4. Area: 

When it comes to area of the flat there are many things to consider like, carpet-area, built-up area and even super built-up area. Ask your builder the ratio of carpet area to the super built-up area. Greater the ratio, the more space you will have within your flat.

5. Receipts:

The most important thing to consider here is receipts, do ask for the receipts of all utility bills from the seller.

6. Ensure property is free from debt and liabilities:

Make sure that you are buying a property which is free from all debts and taxes. If there is a loan or advance on the property ensure that they are paid off by the seller.

Do consider the above checklist before buying flats and make an intelligent move while choosing a flat. If you are still confused as to what to ask when buying a flat, we at Anshul Group can help you throughout your journey. Visit us on for more details. Call us on 9561108080.

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