Home Buying Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying a Flat!


Buying a dream house is not an easy task because it involves certain parameters and you should focus more on them before investing money. Whether it is a flat, villa, or condo you need to keep certain things in mind for overcoming unwanted issues. Moreover, they will help to make the right decision while buying a property.
You should know more about home buying tips from various sources before buying a new property.

Important Things to Look Out for Buying Your Dream Home

1. Size

Size is the most important factor to consider when purchasing a new flat or an apartment in a location. There are many builders who mention super built-up areas in their brochures which include common areas. However, you don’t know about the reduction of areas. For instance, a two BHK apartment which is 1000 square feet will actually be 700 to 750 square feet when you buy it. Therefore, you need to determine your requirements before buying an apartment.

2. Reputation of a builder or construction company

Not all builders or construction firms are the same and you must check their reputation from different sources that can help to get more ideas. As a property buyer, you should consider getting references and evaluating previous projects. It is advisable to know how many years a builder is doing the business in the markets.

3. Infrastructure plans

The apartment you are going to buy should have a good connectivity with schools, colleges, airports, railway stations, hospitals, shopping malls, parks, and entertainment centers. You should ask a builder whether any big infrastructure will come in the future or not. This will help to get high appraisals when you want to resell your property in the markets. Check the infrastructure plans in detail to make sure that you don’t face any issues.

4. Land record and authorization

You should check the soil quality and topography of the land where the house is going to construct. Moreover, you need to verify the title deed which covers all details about a home property. You should also know when to buy a new house after evaluating the details of a property. Make sure that the property is legally authorized by the government and local authorities.

5. Financing and payment options

You should know more about the banks that are financing a builder or construction firm for a new project. This will help to choose a bank that offers loans at the lowest rates. Apart from that, you need to know more about the payment options offered by a builder and you should select the right one accordingly.

6. Builder-buyer agreement

You should read the terms and conditions in detail while signing an agreement. If you have any doubts regarding the clauses then, you should consider seeking clarification from a builder.

7. Hidden and additional charges

There are some builders who can charge hidden and additional charges that can lead to additional expenses. Therefore, you should also keep them in mind while buying a flat or house.

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