Guide to Buying a second home in Pune as a Good Investment

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It is a smart decision to buy a second home in pune that manages your long term affordability plan. The idea of buying a second home must not affect your finances and be burdensome for you, as it is one of the significant financial decisions. With reduced repo rate and a huge infusion capital in infrastructure, the whole market is quite attractive to opt for. Many real estate developers have either reduced prices or are offering incentive scheme to lure customers. So if you were thinking “when is the right time to buy a second home“, this is the right time to buy a second home! Once you estimate your purchase price, and accordingly, you can start looking for a perfect investment option in your budget.


Pune has developed immensely in the past decade. It is gaining recognition as one of the biggest IT hubs of India. Thus, it is growing quickly and along with it, the real estate market is also booming. This is because, several people are flocking to Pune to take advantage of the abundant job opportunities at well known companies. As more and more people migrate to Pune, the value of real estate will also steadily rise. Hence, buying a 2BHK in Pune now will surely give you great returns in the near future.

Tax implications

The main condition to enjoy the benefits of the second home is to check investment portfolios and make smart plans with proper finances.
Calculate your monthly EMIs and estimate the maintenance cost to ensure appropriate management of funds. The tax implications depend on various aspects. If you have a home loan on the first house and if you have rented out your second home. To make your decision more better check on fixed rates or floating rates of home loans. Choose your down payment and loan terms wisely. Return on Investment prospects on a second home
For the investors buying second home is great opportunity in various ways. If you decide to rent out the property, monthly rent can be one of the major and wise decisions to earn extra income over the kind of property investment made. If you are buying it for sole purposes, as a weekend getaway or just as an investment option, you will definitely observe capital appreciation. To gain capital appreciation on your second home investment suburban areas can be the best option. City properties hold their own restrictions compared to the growth of the suburb properties holding quicker appreciation.

Minimise on the luxuries

This is an important step that will probably take you further on your path to a second home loan than you might think. All those little luxuries add up, and if you were to control them, you’d realise how much quicker you could hit your savings goal. Find a balance between cutting them out completely and overspending – make a fancy meal at home rather than eating out at an expensive restaurant every week. Instead of burning money on fuel, carpool with colleagues. Make a list of your monthly expenditure and look for expenses that can be minimised.

Treat yourself

Keeping the purse strings too tightly closed can backfire – you snap and make expensive, impulsive purchases. Rather than driving yourself crazy by denying yourself your every luxury, make a plan to treat yourself every few months. Set yourself a savings goal every quarter, and once this is met, treat yourself to a day at the spa or that nice mini-vacation you’ve always wanted. This reward program will make those months of saving for a holiday home easier as the months go by.

Know your requirements first :

You should know your requirement first before buying your second home. Choose a home, which suits your lifestyle and requirements. In case you are buying a home with purpose of renting or just for investment, search a property which suits you most. If you want to buy a second home in other city with the purpose of holidaying or with second spot for relaxation , search for similar kind of location that fits into your requirements. If you want to stay there post-retirement look for health and other facilities in the area before buying the

Look for rental income:

If you are buying the home with main idea of renting only, so try to find out the rental rates in the area. If the rental rates in the area are standard and you will get good returns in your investment, then it is a good idea to invest your money. But, if the rental rate are not as good as you are expecting, so search for some other location that can fetch you desired returns on your investment.
Pune has always been an educational hub and sees a lot of students migrating annually. Moreover, it also sees a lot of young people coming in search of opportunities to further their careers in the growing IT industry. This segment of people are always looking for rental homes and the demand for such homes is always rising. Thus, if you have a 2BHK flat in Pune for investment purposes, you can earn extra income by renting it as well.

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